Beating Windward toward success


Beating windward: it’s a nautical thing.

My younger days were spent as a daily beat reporter and later, as a freelancer, and I had a lot less stuff to worry about. Knocking around central Florida in an old Toyota Celica with a couple changes of clothes, a volleyball, and a battered copy of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash in the trunk is a fond memory now.

As a writer, I doubt that I’ll recapture the spirit of those younger days, crashing on friends’ couches and brainstorming with them about our respective Next Great Novels. But I still keep moving forward and writing. The skill remains necessary even as the medium changes around me.

Take a few minutes to check out the site of a friend of mine who’s moving forward with his own vision, one he talked about often when we hung out during those central Florida brainstorming sessions. What I mean is, he started an independent publishing company. And he did it right: he went and got a master’s degree in the field, and then combined his love of the written word and his love of sailing with a wish to see more of his friends’ awesome stories in print. And now the world has Beating Windward Press to deal with. Check out his first imprints, and enjoy.

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